Instruction Manual for Comedians

Júlia Cot

Not so long ago, when I was getting ready to become a comedy writer, I’d often attend talks and classes where some professional from the sector would discuss their experience. Whenever they...


Jaume Cabré

I never cease to be amazed by people’s capacity for enthusiasm. Each act of repression is met with a bold, peaceful response. We’re not messing around. We know we’re not alone: we’re...

Patriotic violence

Jordi Borràs

The political scenario that has resulted from the movement for independence has become the best way of making the shortcomings of a state undergoing democratic failure visible. The illusory period of the...

Ferreres (Miquel Ferreres)

Voting on a Thursday

Natza Farré

We’ve lost our proper customs. With all the things you’re supposed to do on a Thursday, besides eating yellow paella. But there’s no other option. It’s non- negotiable. If the law permits...

Raquel GU (Raquel García Ulldemolins)


Tània Verge

For some time now, Spain sustains its power over Catalonia through domination. Domination is imposing a Statute of Autonomy through the Constitutional Court against the will of the Catalan Parliament and citizens....

Marilena Nardi


Arcadi Oliveres

In the early 1970s Miquel Porter, Lluís Serrahima and Jaume Armengol, part of the movement of Els Setze Jutges,1 published a litany that became famous and that we would often recite clandestinely....

Ant (Anthony Garner)

We’ve Unmasked Francoism

Pepe Beúnza

One of the characteristics of the movement for independence in Catalonia (in which being able to hold a referendum so people can express their opinion has been fundamental, as this is the...

Coco (Corinne Rey)

We can’t give up now

Sergi López

With some of the members of our democratically elected government in prison and others in exile, with our fundamental rights to freedom of expression shamelessly trampled on, with control of our country...

Ermengol (Francesc Tolsà)

Freedom of Expression or Dictatorship

Ramón Cotarelo

All censorship and suppression of freedom of expression involves pretensions of infallibility. Such an absurd pretension can never be sustained by the force of reason. That is why force and intimidation are...

They Won’t Take Laughter Away

Pepa Plana

It seemed like it was all over. Then, suddenly, you realize that it isn’t, and that instead of moving forward we’re slipping backwards. With the Catalan Government taken over, the shock to...

Tjeerd Royards

The Responsibility of the Equidistant

Simona Levi

Technofobia is part of the electoral monodynamic and the immoral equidistance of the dogmatic left. As a matter of fact, it’s what makes repression and the taking away of rights possible, endorsing...

Ferran Martin

Spanish Inquisition

David Fernàndez

The title isn’t mine. It comes from a ways back, and it’s lasted far too long. It’s from the documentary (my homage and recognition) by an Australian journalist, David O’Shea, who in...

What if…

Manuel Delgado

What if... What if we’d dared to defend what we already had? What if we’d dared to stand up for what we’d already fought for, what we’d already touched? What good were...